Paget Brewster is on Twitter :)

Posted in Paget Brewster on 2010/04/17 by Lanna

I got it from reliable sources that the lovely Paget Brewster has now joined Twitter :). Yes, it’s the real thing, not one of the many fakes running around! So follow away people! Her Twitter is @pagetpaget



Poll: Who’s your favorite character?

Posted in Characters, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, Lanna, Mira, Poll on 2010/02/08 by Mira

Poll banner
In order to create fanart of your favorite BAU-member…

The voting will end in the first week of March.

Thank you for voting!

Mira & Lanna

Our fanart featured on new site!

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Lanna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Mira, News, Reid, UnSub on 2010/02/06 by Mira

A new Criminal Minds related and fanart site is online! The name of the site is MGGAnonymous and is dedicated to Matthew Gray Gubler. Yet their fanart page does show fanart of all the BAU-members.

The owner of the site contacted us and requested to showcase one of our wallpapers. And we so love seeing more Criminal Minds fanart sites out there, that we were more than happy to help and say “yes”.

Thus our Spencer Reid wallpaper can be seen on the MGGAnonymous fanart page. The owner has created some fanart already and of course we show some fanart in return. Please visit MGGAnonymous for more!

Pure Genious (MGGAnonymous) Pure Evil (MGGAnonymous)

It’s great to see more and more Criminal Minds fanart sites and we wish MGGAnonymous all the best!

Mira & Lanna

Criminal Minds – Twitter backgrounds

Posted in Characters, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, Emily, fanart, Hotch, Mira, Twitter background on 2010/01/28 by Mira

It seems like everyone is on Twitter nowadays. For this special occasion I’ve created a pair of Criminal Minds Twitter backgrounds.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated and you can always express your wishes for a specific theme and/or character too!


ps The Twitter backgrounds can be used as wallpapers on your personal desktop too!

Emily Prentiss - Twitter background  (teaser) Aaron Hotchner - Twitter background (teaser)

Click here to see and download the twitter backgrounds…