Criminal Minds Stamps

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Criminal Minds - Stamp collection

The new year is halfway through it’s first month and we managed to collect some nice stamps. They all have a familiar face and apparently have been sent from New York.

Who am I trying to fool! No official Criminal Minds stamps on the market yet, but they would look amazing as you can see. For now we can use them on our virtual postcards, as avatar or simply collect them.

Enjoy this collection!

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Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira


Criminal Minds – Calendar – October 2009

Posted in Calendar, Criminal Minds, fanart, Mira, Reid, Wallpaper on 2009/10/01 by Mira

The calendar wallpapers are hot property nowadays! I really like to use them on my personal desktop and I hope you enjoy them too. And because it’s already October and I know of a request for a Halloween and Reid calendar wallpaper, I just couldn’t resist to create one.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated and you can always express your wishes for a specific theme and/or character too!


Criminal Minds - Calendar - October 2009 (teaser)

Click here to see and download a bigger version…

Paget Brewster October Calendar

Posted in Calendar, Lanna, Paget Brewster, Wallpaper on 2009/10/01 by Lanna

This month’s calendar is also the official CMF calendar, so the calendar layer was added by sindee :). Thanks a lot sindee for great job on that :D.

This is a very special wallpaper for me since it’s the very first thing I ever created, so I hope you enjoy it too :).

Have a great October everyone, enjoy CM and the awesome new season.


Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the simple version…

S5 Premiere Posters

Posted in Criminal Minds, Lanna, Poster, Team, Wallpaper on 2009/09/22 by Lanna

YAY! It’s almost here :). And I couldn’t let the occasion pass without having my own Promo Poster ;). It has two versions, the team version that you can see below and if you take a peek inside you will also find an Omnivore version :).

Thank you Kirst for the help on the Omnivore version. It’s so much better now :).

Enjoy the Posters and the Premiere 🙂

Paget Brewster

Criminal minds - Premiere poster (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the Omnivore version…

Typography – S5 Premiere Poster

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Mira, Poster, Promo on 2009/09/13 by Mira

The countdown to the season premiere of Criminal Minds is (slowly) progressing. Creating fanart is a good distraction for me and I’ve created another premiere poster in that process.

Typography - S5 Premiere Poster - Banner

I’ve finally tried my hand at typography and it should make you look more than once. Hopefully it will spark everyone to watch the season premiere (September 23rd on CBS) too. I for one can’t wait until the fifth season of Criminal Minds finally starts.

Please don’t be shy and leave a comment. Feedback is always greatly appreciated!


Click here to see the Typography – S5 Premiere Poster…