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Our fanart featured on new site!

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Lanna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Mira, News, Reid, UnSub on 2010/02/06 by Mira

A new Criminal Minds related and fanart site is online! The name of the site is MGGAnonymous and is dedicated to Matthew Gray Gubler. Yet their fanart page does show fanart of all the BAU-members.

The owner of the site contacted us and requested to showcase one of our wallpapers. And we so love seeing more Criminal Minds fanart sites out there, that we were more than happy to help and say “yes”.

Thus our Spencer Reid wallpaper can be seen on the MGGAnonymous fanart page. The owner has created some fanart already and of course we show some fanart in return. Please visit MGGAnonymous for more!

Pure Genious (MGGAnonymous) Pure Evil (MGGAnonymous)

It’s great to see more and more Criminal Minds fanart sites and we wish MGGAnonymous all the best!

Mira & Lanna


Another milestone… 10000

Posted in Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Lanna, Mira, News, Wallpaper on 2009/08/22 by Mira

We have been blogging for almost 4 months now and we still love creating Criminal Minds fanart. Even more when we see so many people visiting our blog to enjoy what we’ve created.

In the last few days we’ve hit the 10.000 mark and we truly couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for visiting our blog, enjoying our creations and giving us the feedback we so appreciate.

10000 - Thank you!

10000 - Thank you!

The two of us will continue to expand and share our Criminal Minds fanart collection with all of you. Please enjoy your visits to this blog and do share the Criminal Minds love all around the world!

Thank you!
Lanna & Mira

Criminal Minds around the world

Posted in Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, News on 2009/08/12 by Lanna

Criminal Minds is a world that goes beyond borders, languages and cultures. It is a show loved by millions of fans on all continents and brings people together from all corners of the world.

CM around the world - banner

We are happy and proud to be a part of this great family. In an effort to spread the love for Criminal Minds around and to cross borders even more, we are delighted to announce our affiliation to Esprits Criminels, the leading French Criminal Minds site as well as the leading Italian site, Criminal Minds Italia.

So for those of you who speak French or Italian, or just want to have a look, these are two wonderful sites dedicated to our favorite show. Thank you to the webmasters of these sites for the affiliation and let’s spread the Criminal Minds love around the world people!!!!

Lanna & Mira

ps The banner is a derivative from our Stellar Surprise wallpaper.

Disclaimer & Credit

Posted in Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Lanna, Mira, News on 2009/08/02 by Mira

In the past few days we have been confronted by our fanart being used in diverse multimedia projects without informing or crediting us. Although we are honored that our work is being used, we do feel strongly about giving credit where credit is due.

This has prompted us to post the Disclaimer and Credit text, which applies to all published Criminal Minds Fanart on this blog.

Criminal Minds Creations is an unofficial fansite and is not affiliated in any way with Criminal Minds. We do not own Criminal Minds, the characters or the images used for the Criminal Minds fanart we present on this blog. No copyright infringement is intended, if you are the owner of an image and wish to be credited or to have the image removed, please contact us.

The fanart on this blog has been created by us and the creators of the guest posts have been credited accordingly. Feel free to use the fanart presented on this blog on your desktop, but please do not pass it off as your own. Do not hotlink, do not republish the fanart without our knowledge and the proper credit. If you want to use our fanart for a project or show it on your site or blog, just let us know.

We will continue to create and share Criminal Minds Fanart. It’s our way of promoting Criminal Minds and we do hope you all will appreciate and enjoy our fanart.

New Criminal Minds Fanart Ring member

Posted in Cerine, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Guests, News on 2009/07/24 by Mira

We are happy to announce that Cerine has joined the Criminal Minds Fanart Ring! Cerine has been creating fanart for a while now and showcases her fanart on her website on LiveJournal.

Criminal Minds (Cerine)

Criminal Minds (Cerine)

A visit to Mon univers de Création will take you to Cerine’s universum, dedicated to Criminal Minds fanart. A great place to find banners you can use on message boards or wallpapers to personalize your desktop. Using these will certainly show you’re a Criminal Minds fan!

Fortunately Cerine agreed to a guest post on our blog so we can show you a small collection of her Criminal Minds fanart. Please click on the link below to see more of her fanart. And enjoy!

Lanna & Mira

Click here to see more of Cerine’s fanart…

Criminal Minds Fanart Ring

Posted in Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Lanna, Mira, News on 2009/07/18 by Mira

Criminal Minds returns for a fifth season on September 23rd. Unfortunately CBS nor ABC really promote the best show on television, so we will have to do it ourselves. We would like to give the show more exposure by creating fanart regularly and we would love to make other fanartists part of the promotion tour as well.

Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira

We are in the process of inviting fanartists to join the Fanart Ring, but if you want to join the Fanart Ring or know Criminal Minds fanartists who should be part of the Fanart Ring, please do not hesitate to contact us or to alert them about this post.

In order to show you are part of the Criminal Minds Fanart Ring you will receive a personalized pass (see the passes in this post) which can be linked to your (favorite) website. By clicking on the passes – on a special page or via a link – you will be directed to other Criminal Minds fanart sites, entertaining the visitors and promoting the show.

Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Lanna

The Criminal Minds Fanart Ring is still in the early stages and all ideas are welcome. Together we can promote Criminal Minds in order to get even more viewers than last season. And let’s be honest, we all want to know who wins the showdown between Hotch and The Reaper!

Lea & Mira

Keep checking this blog for more Criminal Minds fanart!

Anniversary wallpaper

Posted in Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Lanna, Mira, News on 2009/07/16 by Mira

Criminal Minds has been our inspiration for quite some time and back in May we started the Criminal Minds Creations blog. We wanted to partner up and showcase our fanart and so far it has been an incredible adventure.

The blog gave us a podium and the opportunity to take our fanart to another level and we have you to thank for it. We have been getting great reviews and feedback from you all and for that we are very grateful.

We are both very happy and surprised by the number of returning visitors and views. Never would we have dreamed to reach 5000 views so quickly, not with a fanart blog, but you all have been very supportive and we would like to give you something in return.

Please enjoy this anniversary wallpaper, featuring our fanart collection, and please don’t hesitate to come back for more Criminal Minds fanart!

Thank you all
Lea & Mira

Anniversary wallpaper

Anniversary wallpaper (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the simple version…