Wallpaper – Spencer Reid

A new wallpaper featuring my second favorite character, Spencer Reid.

The wallpaper is again available in two versions. Feedback is always appreciated and I would also love to know which one you like best!


Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid (click on thumbnail)

Spencer Reid (2nd version)

Spencer Reid - 2nd version (click on thumbnail)

You can see more wallpapers in the Reid wallpaper gallery!

Keep checking this blog for more Criminal Minds fanart!

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6 Responses to “Wallpaper – Spencer Reid”

  1. Oooh, both very nice, but I think I like the second one better. I like the “Criminal Minds” in the background on the first one, but only outside of the Spencer Reid bit; within the border, behind the name, it clutters it up a bit too much for me.

    In the second version, it’s still there but less noticeable, and I like that better.

    But they’re both still awesome! I really admire all your work, Mira, it’s all very good. I wish I was that talented!

    • Thank you for the very kind words and the feedback, Helen!

      The two versions are similar and quite different at the same time. The first doesn’t leave any surprises as the second one challenges your eyes and mind a bit.

      Thanks again, Helen. I’m trying to be creative and hope to learn and practice everyday. Just to provide all Criminal Minds Fanatics, and others, with all the fanart they want and need 😛

  2. KellyP Says:

    I have to agree with Helen. I love both of them but the one with the Criminal Minds in the background to me it just does something with the other pics,like it makes them stand out. Thanks for sharing you did a awesome job. Take care.

    • Thank you KellyP! Feedback is always greatly appreciated and I’m so glad you like the wallpaper(s).

      Both of them have the Criminal Minds logo in the background. One is very subtle and in neutral colors and the other is a bit more distinctive, but I so wanted to share them both. And we’ll keep on sharing!

  3. Celine Says:

    Must admit both very nice wallies, the lighting and the size of Reid on the wallies are perfect. I like the way you put “Criminal Minds” on the background.

    It will be also nice to see the rest of the team on similar effects.

    Great work again, Mira.

    • Thanks Celine! Really like the wallpapers myself as well!

      The HQ of the image of Spencer Reid was just a treat to work with. Hopefully I’ll find some HQ images of the other team members and we’ll try to make a nice set out of it. It seems to be particularly hard to find good HQ pictures of Hotch, but I’ll keep on looking and searching for them.

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