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Criminal Minds Stamps

Posted in Avatar, Characters, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, Emily, fanart, Garcia, Hotch, JJ, Mira, Morgan, Reid, Rossi on 2010/01/16 by Mira

Criminal Minds - Stamp collection

The new year is halfway through it’s first month and we managed to collect some nice stamps. They all have a familiar face and apparently have been sent from New York.

Who am I trying to fool! No official Criminal Minds stamps on the market yet, but they would look amazing as you can see. For now we can use them on our virtual postcards, as avatar or simply collect them.

Enjoy this collection!

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Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira

Avatars – Wall Quotes Series

Posted in Avatar, Criminal Minds, Emily, fanart, Garcia, Hotch, JJ, Mira, Morgan, Reid, Rossi on 2009/08/14 by Mira

In my last post I surprised you all by creating a matching set of avatars. Today I’ve done the same for the Wall Quotes Series.

Please click on the link below the post to see the avatars.


ps A complete matching set can always be requested. So just let me know if you would like to have a matching banner as well.

Click here to find the set of avatars…