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Typography – S5 Premiere Poster

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Mira, Poster, Promo on 2009/09/13 by Mira

The countdown to the season premiere of Criminal Minds is (slowly) progressing. Creating fanart is a good distraction for me and I’ve created another premiere poster in that process.

Typography - S5 Premiere Poster - Banner

I’ve finally tried my hand at typography and it should make you look more than once. Hopefully it will spark everyone to watch the season premiere (September 23rd on CBS) too. I for one can’t wait until the fifth season of Criminal Minds finally starts.

Please don’t be shy and leave a comment. Feedback is always greatly appreciated!


Click here to see the Typography – S5 Premiere Poster…


Stellar Surprise!

Posted in Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Mira, Promo, Wallpaper on 2009/08/02 by Mira

It only seems like yesterday we had a celebration because of the 5000 mark we hit. And now, we’re even in for a bigger surprise!

Today we’ve passed the 7000 views count and we thought this was a good moment to spoil you all with another anniversary wallpaper. The wallpaper is reminding us – like we didn’t know yet – that Criminal Minds will be back for a fifth season.

Thank you all for visiting our blog and we do hope you come back for even more.

Enjoy the Stellar Surprise!
Mira & Lanna

ps I’ve created two versions and I would love to know which one you like more. The regular or the vintage version of the wallpaper.

Stellar Surprise

Stellar Surprise (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the vintage version…

Poster – Hotch vs The Reaper

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Hotch, Mira, Poster, Promo on 2009/05/25 by Mira

The season finale has left many Criminal Minds fans in their own nightmare, including me. Will the Boston Reaper shoot and kill SSA Aaron Hotchner or will the teamleader once again prevail?

Well, I for one am putting my money on Hotch!

The poster is on the Criminal Minds Fanatic Blog too! Please visit the blog and don’t forget to vote for the backstory poll to support Hotch!


ps Don’t you just hate cliffhangers?

Hotch vs The Reaper (click on thumbnail)

Hotch vs The Reaper (click on thumbnail)

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