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S5 Premiere Posters

Posted in Criminal Minds, Lanna, Poster, Team, Wallpaper on 2009/09/22 by Lanna

YAY! It’s almost here :). And I couldn’t let the occasion pass without having my own Promo Poster ;). It has two versions, the team version that you can see below and if you take a peek inside you will also find an Omnivore version :).

Thank you Kirst for the help on the Omnivore version. It’s so much better now :).

Enjoy the Posters and the Premiere 🙂

Paget Brewster

Criminal minds - Premiere poster (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the Omnivore version…

Criminal Minds – Calendar – September 2009

Posted in Calendar, Criminal Minds, Emily, fanart, Garcia, Hotch, JJ, Mira, Morgan, Reid, Rossi, Team, UnSub, Wallpaper on 2009/08/26 by Mira

The season premiere is less than a month away and I think we’ve got it all marked on our calendars. If you haven’t, here’s a present for your personal desktop to remind you of the premiere on September 23rd.

I’ve created a calendar wallpaper to outline the storyline a bit as well, although I do think everyone still remembers the cliffhanger. What will happen between Hotch and The Boston Reaper? Will the day just end or will it continue? Let’s hope for the latter.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. I would also love to know if you think we should continue creating calendar wallpapers or not.


ps The original size calendar wallpaper is now available!

Criminal Minds - Calendar - September 2009 (teaser)
pps Sorry, but teasing can be so much fun!

Click here to see and download the bigger version…

Wallpaper – Team – To Hell… And Back (quote)

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Mira, Team, Wallpaper on 2009/07/27 by Mira

The Hotch wallpaper inspired me to create a team wallpaper in the quote series as well. Our beloved team looks into the abyss all the time, but is it looking into them already?


To Hell... And Back - Team

To Hell... And Back - Team (click on thumbnail)

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Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira

Heart Wallpaper

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Lanna, Team, Wallpaper on 2009/05/07 by Lanna

I said so many times I create CM fanart with my heart, but never created a heart for CM. So here’s a heart wallpaper for the team and for CM. Enjoy!


Criminal Minds - Team Heart

Criminal Minds - Team Heart (click on thumbnail)