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Criminal Minds – Calendar – September 2009

Posted in Calendar, Criminal Minds, Emily, fanart, Garcia, Hotch, JJ, Mira, Morgan, Reid, Rossi, Team, UnSub, Wallpaper on 2009/08/26 by Mira

The season premiere is less than a month away and I think we’ve got it all marked on our calendars. If you haven’t, here’s a present for your personal desktop to remind you of the premiere on September 23rd.

I’ve created a calendar wallpaper to outline the storyline a bit as well, although I do think everyone still remembers the cliffhanger. What will happen between Hotch and The Boston Reaper? Will the day just end or will it continue? Let’s hope for the latter.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. I would also love to know if you think we should continue creating calendar wallpapers or not.


ps The original size calendar wallpaper is now available!

Criminal Minds - Calendar - September 2009 (teaser)
pps Sorry, but teasing can be so much fun!

Click here to see and download the bigger version…


Another milestone… 10000

Posted in Criminal Minds Creations, fanart, Lanna, Mira, News, Wallpaper on 2009/08/22 by Mira

We have been blogging for almost 4 months now and we still love creating Criminal Minds fanart. Even more when we see so many people visiting our blog to enjoy what we’ve created.

In the last few days we’ve hit the 10.000 mark and we truly couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for visiting our blog, enjoying our creations and giving us the feedback we so appreciate.

10000 - Thank you!

10000 - Thank you!

The two of us will continue to expand and share our Criminal Minds fanart collection with all of you. Please enjoy your visits to this blog and do share the Criminal Minds love all around the world!

Thank you!
Lanna & Mira

Avatars – Wall Quotes Series

Posted in Avatar, Criminal Minds, Emily, fanart, Garcia, Hotch, JJ, Mira, Morgan, Reid, Rossi on 2009/08/14 by Mira

In my last post I surprised you all by creating a matching set of avatars. Today I’ve done the same for the Wall Quotes Series.

Please click on the link below the post to see the avatars.


ps A complete matching set can always be requested. So just let me know if you would like to have a matching banner as well.

Click here to find the set of avatars…

Spencer Reid – Wallpaper

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Lanna, Reid, Wallpaper on 2009/08/13 by Lanna

Last in the series but certainly not least, the wallpaper for Dr. Spencer Reid. This wallpaper brings my out-of-frame series to an end, and I hope you enjoyed it :). Thank you for all the great feedback :).


Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the second version…

Criminal Minds around the world

Posted in Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Creations, News on 2009/08/12 by Lanna

Criminal Minds is a world that goes beyond borders, languages and cultures. It is a show loved by millions of fans on all continents and brings people together from all corners of the world.

CM around the world - banner

We are happy and proud to be a part of this great family. In an effort to spread the love for Criminal Minds around and to cross borders even more, we are delighted to announce our affiliation to Esprits Criminels, the leading French Criminal Minds site as well as the leading Italian site, Criminal Minds Italia.

So for those of you who speak French or Italian, or just want to have a look, these are two wonderful sites dedicated to our favorite show. Thank you to the webmasters of these sites for the affiliation and let’s spread the Criminal Minds love around the world people!!!!

Lanna & Mira

ps The banner is a derivative from our Stellar Surprise wallpaper.

Penelope Garcia – Wallpaper

Posted in Criminal Minds, fanart, Garcia, Lanna, Wallpaper on 2009/08/11 by Lanna

I thought today it would be nice to have the wallpaper feature our tech-guru Penelope Garcia 😀


Penelope Garcia

Penelope Garcia (click on thumbnail)

Click here for the second version…