Disclaimer & Credit

In the past few days we have been confronted by our fanart being used in diverse multimedia projects without informing or crediting us. Although we are honored that our work is being used, we do feel strongly about giving credit where credit is due.

This has prompted us to post the Disclaimer and Credit text, which applies to all published Criminal Minds Fanart on this blog.

Criminal Minds Creations is an unofficial fansite and is not affiliated in any way with Criminal Minds. We do not own Criminal Minds, the characters or the images used for the Criminal Minds fanart we present on this blog. No copyright infringement is intended, if you are the owner of an image and wish to be credited or to have the image removed, please contact us.

The fanart on this blog has been created by us and the creators of the guest posts have been credited accordingly. Feel free to use the fanart presented on this blog on your desktop, but please do not pass it off as your own. Do not hotlink, do not republish the fanart without our knowledge and the proper credit. If you want to use our fanart for a project or show it on your site or blog, just let us know.

We will continue to create and share Criminal Minds Fanart. It’s our way of promoting Criminal Minds and we do hope you all will appreciate and enjoy our fanart.


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