Criminal Minds Stamps

Criminal Minds - Stamp collection

The new year is halfway through it’s first month and we managed to collect some nice stamps. They all have a familiar face and apparently have been sent from New York.

Who am I trying to fool! No official Criminal Minds stamps on the market yet, but they would look amazing as you can see. For now we can use them on our virtual postcards, as avatar or simply collect them.

Enjoy this collection!

Keep checking this blog for more Criminal Minds fanart!

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Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira


5 Responses to “Criminal Minds Stamps”

  1. hi

    excuse the question,

    Which programs use to edit pictures?

    are very original and beautiful.



    • Thanks, Mina!
      I’m glad you like this stamp collection.

      It’s unfortunate that there are not too many new (and high quality) images of our favorite team to work with. The images I’ve used on the stamps are the old promos, we’ve seen and I’ve used before. Luckily I’ve used them a bit differently, thus they seem newish.

      ps If you want to release your creative spirit, I can recommend GIMP. It’s a free photo editing program and there are a lot of tuturials out there. There are online editing programs as well.

  2. Celine Says:

    What a fantastic creation!! Anything to do with stamps will catch my attention as I’m a collector. And I’m thinking of a First Day Cover and mint stamps now! 😉

    I love the rustic colour here and the “condition” of the paper too.

    Great work.

    • Thanks, Celine! Was hoping to catch your attention with this collection. And yes, there are a few stamps in mint condition out there, but you have to be very lucky to obtain them 😉 LOL

      I did try to give them some sort of vintage look to break the pattern a bit. The paper was thrown away, but it does hold the collected stamps very well :p

      Really glad you like the collection. It certainly gives me a nudge to continue on this untraveled path!

  3. nataliebianca Says:

    Hi Mira!
    I have been away from CM sites for a while, I fell out of the habit of logging in every day and am yet to get back on track, so, sorry for the late response. I love the stamp collection! Great work as always 🙂
    N xo

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