Criminal Minds – Calendar – September 2009

The season premiere is less than a month away and I think we’ve got it all marked on our calendars. If you haven’t, here’s a present for your personal desktop to remind you of the premiere on September 23rd.

I’ve created a calendar wallpaper to outline the storyline a bit as well, although I do think everyone still remembers the cliffhanger. What will happen between Hotch and The Boston Reaper? Will the day just end or will it continue? Let’s hope for the latter.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. I would also love to know if you think we should continue creating calendar wallpapers or not.


ps The original size calendar wallpaper is now available!

Criminal Minds - Calendar - September 2009 (teaser)
pps Sorry, but teasing can be so much fun!

Please enjoy the calendar wallpaper for use on your personal desktop. Do not hotlink, but save the wallpaper on your own pc first. You can do this by downloading the image via Flickr or via Photobucket.

You can download the (1024×640) wallpaper on Flickr by clicking on the image of the large preview below. Choose ALL SIZES and the download button will appear once you’ve selected the size.

The original size wallpaper (1920×1200) has been posted on photobucket and can be saved by following the (orange) link. Then you have to right-click on the image and save the image on your PC.

Other sizes are only available on request.

Large preview

Criminal Minds - Calendar - September 2009

Criminal Minds - Calendar - September 2009 (click on thumbnail)

polaroids: based on stock from lured2stock on deviantART
notebook: based on stock from Scyza on stock.xchng

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About our fanart
Enjoy using it, but please
* do not give out as your own
* do not repost without consent
* do not hotlink

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Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira


4 Responses to “Criminal Minds – Calendar – September 2009”

  1. nataliebianca Says:

    Ooh!! So cool Mira!! Whoo hoo- Premiere in 26, 25, 24… 😛

  2. Celine Says:

    Wonderful calendar, well done Mira. Can’t wait for the premiere. I’m hoping for the latter, in order to have more Hotch story and involvement, although it may be torturing and hurting for him.

    • Thank you, Celine! I can hardly wait until the season premiere airs and I’ll have the calendar to remind me of the date until then. I surely don’t want to miss it!

      Not thinking about what the future holds for Hotch, but pretty and easy it probably won’t be…

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