Avatars – Wall Quotes Series

In my last post I surprised you all by creating a matching set of avatars. Today I’ve done the same for the Wall Quotes Series.

Please click on the link below the post to see the avatars.


ps A complete matching set can always be requested. So just let me know if you would like to have a matching banner as well.

Avatars – Wall Quote Series

Please enjoy these avatars for personal use on boards etc. To use these avatars, do not hotlink them, but save them on your own pc first. You can do this by either right-clicking on the image and save the image or download the image via Flickr by left-clicking on the image.

CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Hotch CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Reid
CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Emily CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Garcia
CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Criminal Minds CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Rossi
CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - JJ CM - Avatar - Wall Quotes - Morgan

The wallpapers of this set can be found in the Wall Quotes gallery!

Keep checking this blog for more Criminal Minds fanart!

About our fanart
Enjoy using it, but please
* do not give out as your own
* do not repost without consent
* do not hotlink

read full Disclaimer & Credit

Criminal Minds Fanart Ring - Mira


4 Responses to “Avatars – Wall Quotes Series”

  1. Celine Says:

    Great job Mira. I really love the wallpaper of the series, and now with avatars, you’re really spoiling us. How about banners? πŸ˜› Can’t wait to see what your new project will be.

    • Thanks, Celine! Good to know the wallpapers are so well-received and as soon as I’m done with my next project – surprise – I will seriously consider creating some banners.

      And my next project, well you’ll just have to wait a bit longer :p

  2. i love them ! great job ! =)

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