Omnivore poster on auction

A couple of months ago I made a poster to celebrate the fourth season episode Omnivore. Simply the best Criminal Minds episode ever. It was written by Andrew Wilder and the poster was my token of appreciation for his script and the great performance of the cast. Little did I know that it would be Andrew Wilder’s last Criminal Minds script, but it makes the poster even more special now.

Signed Omnivore poster on auction

Signed Omnivore poster on auction

Andrew Wilder took it upon himself to make it into a real poster and he autographed it too. He did so to auction it off to raise money for the American Cancer Society. So, if you ever wanted to collect Criminal Minds and/or Andrew Wilder memorabilia, here’s your chance.

Please check out the eBay listing for more information or to check out other items being auctioned off.



2 Responses to “Omnivore poster on auction”

  1. Celine Says:

    When I saw Jill’s tweet about the news, I was so thrilled and happy for and proud of you. And to know that proceeds from the sale will go to a good cause makes it even more meaningful. The person who eventually owns it knows what he is getting.

    You did great. I’ll be walking on air if I were you. Keep up the good work Mira dear.

    • Thanks, Celine! It’s certainly good to know the proceeds will be donated to a good cause and for that I’m even more grateful. And yes, I seem to be sitting on a cloud at the moment 😉

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