Wallpaper – David Rossi

Another wallpaper in the unnamed series – still cannot think of a fitting name for it – in an attempt to finish it this or next week. In the spotlight today is the best-selling author and BAU-agent, David Rossi!

The wallpaper is again available in two versions. Feedback is always appreciated and I would also love to know which one you like best!


David Rossi

David Rossi (click on thumbnail)

David Rossi

David Rossi (click on thumbnail)

You can see more wallpapers in the Rossi wallpaper gallery!

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6 Responses to “Wallpaper – David Rossi”

  1. Wow, despite the fact that Rossi’s not my favourite character, this is one of my favourites, just ’cause of the colours! They just complement his suit and tie so perfectly.


    • Thanks, Helen!

      The series has been lots of fun and I did try to match the colors on all of them. Some were easy and some weren’t, but sometimes the image and the character point you in the right direction. Just like this one.

      My favorite of the series shouldn’t be hard to guess, but I do like the Garcia green/pink one and the Reid one – the first of the series – too. I just hope I was able to present all characters in style so that everyone has a wally to use on their desktop, if they so wish.

      And then there’s still one to go. Let us not forget about JJ!

  2. sowchun Says:

    I agree with Helen, I just love the background colour. My preference is the first one and the faded CM.

    I’m sure you will come out with an astounding name for the series. 😉

    • Thanks, Celine!

      Really glad you like the background colors. The color scheme was a given as soon as I opted to use this image of David Rossi. Just couldn’t imagine it in any other color scheme to be honest.

      It has been a great experience working on this series, although I haven’t quite finished the series yet. I’ve still got one more planned as I’m not forgetting JJ and then I do need to brainstorm to name the series, eventually 😉

  3. finola Says:

    Rossi is my fav. character so these are great. Well done. keep them coming.

    • Thanks, Finola! We’ll definitely keep the fanart – of all characters 😉 – coming!

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